Join us

The Sarah Agnes Foundation (SAF) provides an opportunity for all to get involved in its work strengthening family relationships. Individuals and families who want to be involved and part of a vision that seeks to enhance the wellbeing of the family throughout the UK, will have many different reasons for wanting to be a part of SAFs Vision.

There are many great organisations that you could give your efforts and support to. In your consideration of joining us as a volunteer, fundraiser, trustee, ambassador or member there are a few reflections below that might help you in making your decision.

  1. Sarah Agnes Foundation (SAF) has been established in response to the growing emotional and psychological needs in the environment of the family from ‘Conception to Elder’ in the UK. Mental health of the family matters for strong relationships, social cohesion, education, health, employability and strong communities.
  2. Sarah Agnes Foundation (SAF) aspires to contribute to the wellbeing of the family, strengthening relationships and transitions throughout the lifespan, with a sole purpose for the common good, to grow healthier local communities and social cohesion. Many children and their families struggle through life events and transitions, that are not given the support and understanding needed to lead healthy and fulfilled lives.
  3. Sarah Agnes Foundation (SAF) seeks to facilitate a universal, holistic and joined up approach to family health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on disadvantaged children and their families, in order to optimise opportunity and life chances. Every citizen in the UK matters and it is everyone’s business to make sure that every child and family, is given equal opportunity to grow their capacity to build and be a part of healthy relationships, which allow them to reach their full potential.


Get in touch to see how your skillset, experience and aspirations for the wellbeing of the family can be matched to current project availability.